Account Code Capability
Attendant Console Assignment
Attendant Overflow
Automatic Line Access
Automatic line Search
Automatic Ringdown
Automatic Wake Up
Advisory Messages
Access to System Programming via keyset
Auto Hold
Auto Hold Recall
Auto Callback
Auto Answer
Auto Redial
Battery Back Up
Behind PABX Operation
Brokers Call
Centrex Operation
Class Of Service
CO Line Groups
CO Line Hunting
CO Line Name Programming
CO Line Ring Types- Linear, Common Audible, Circular, Hunt Console Assignment
Call Duration Timer
Call Waiting
Call Forwarding- All, Busy, No Answer, External
Call Pick Up
Call Split
Call Transfer
Calling Name Display
Calling Number Display
Camp On
Chain Dialing
Day/Night Service - Manual / Automatic
Dial 9 Groups
Direct In Line
Dial By Name
Distinctive Ringing
DTMF Signaling
Direct Station Selection
Door Phone Access
Do Not Disturb
Dual Color LED
Executive Overide (Barge In)
External Call Forwarding
Easy Installation and Operation
Faxibility Compatible (All Lines)
Flash Memory Back Up
Flexible Expansion
Flexible Ringing Assignment
Flexible Key Group Assignment
Flexible Numbering Plan
Flexible Time Format (12 / 24 Hour)
Forced Account Code Assignment
Flash Handsfree Answerback
Hearing Aid Compatability
Headset Compatibility
Hold (Exclusive / System)
Intercom Intercom
Single Digit Intercom Ring / Voice Select
Intercom Dialing Restriction
Intercom Voice Announce
Last Number Redial
Message Waiting
Display On Hook Dialing
Voice Mail

SIP Based Trunking (VOIP)